One Tool, Many Analyses

This section discusses how META is a multi-domain modeling tool. From a single design model, simulations and schematics can be synthesized automatically. This is an advantage over maintaining many "siloed" models.

Direct PCB Generation

With one click, you can create a placed-and-routed Printed Circuit Board (PCB) model.

Useful Abstractions

Get away from pin-level design. META components feature connector abstractions that permit you to work at a more conceptual level.

Consider Design Variations

With our Design Space tools, you can express variability in your design. Describe variations on the design of a subsystem, or capture areas where several alternative components are being considered. Run analysis on the entire space of designs as easily as you can on a single design.

Rich Content Library

Our large library of ready-made components and functional blocks will help you get up-and-running faster.

From Concept to Factory

Once you've completed your design, generate your manufacturing data package directly from the META tools.