+ What are the Metamorphosys tools?

The Metamorphosys Tools are free and open-source tools used for the design and analysis of electronics. You can use them to quickly build and analyze your Ara module designs.

+ How do the tools help me make a module?

  • The tools and design flow “know about” ARA design rules, enforce those automatically or provide methods for verifying their compliance.
  • A range of example Ara module designs and templates complemented with a library of subcircuits & parts help you to get started and obtain a working prototype.
  • Virtual prototyping tool help you analyze the behavior of your hardware, firmware and software integrated with the ARA platform.
  • The Metamorphosis tools offer convenience and capabilities for:
    • Estimating the cost of your design with automatic Bill-of-Materials generation.
    • Easy-to-use circuit design
    • Automatic generation of Printed Circuit Boards, Gerber files, and everything needed to get your module manufactured.

+ What's the deal with the web and Windows tools?

The web interface is still in progress; we recommend accessing the live technology demo to take the prototype for a spin. The Windows tools are no longer being developed, but will be the primary tool version until the web interface is ready.

+ What can I do with the Windows tools?

The Windows interface has the following capabilities of the Metamorphosys tools:

  • Analog and digital behavior simulation
  • Export-for-manufacturing
  • App-to-firmware comms prototyping
  • Parts cost estimation
  • Much larger component library

+ How do I get started with the Windows tools?

You can start by learning how the tools work with a simple tutorial or a short video.

+ Why shouldn't I just wait until Web tool is ready?

If you want to get a head start on your model, we recommend you start using the Windows tools to model your design. You will be able to easily import your design into the Web tool.