Do you have an idea for a simple device that connects to the internet of things? Or are you a startup company who needs a physical prototype of your idea? We can help you build the exact product you want!

What We Offer:

  • Product Specifications Discovery
  • Market Analysis
  • Hardware/PCB Board Design
  • Embedded Software Architecture
  • Physical Prototyping
  • Testing and Validation

Our Specialty:

Our teams has over 30 years of combined embedded design experience, including expertise in real-time microprocessor and advanced signal processing. 

Our Custom-Built Tools Advantage


MetaMorph Design Process

Our open-source tool suite, the MetaMorph Tools, allows us to develop, effectively test, and quickly prototype a design.  Throughout the process the design stays flexible, so it is easy to make and incorporate changes into a design at any stage in the design process.

Design Optimization

With a robust array of Test Benches we can optimize a design in a number of different domains to make sure that the product you receive is the one that best fits your specific needs in terms of price, size, and product feature set. 

Extensive Library

Our extensive, verified library of both open-source and proprietary platforms and subcircuits ensures that your design will succeed with as few design iterations as possible, significantly reducing the time-to-market.


Let's Talk


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