MetaMorph software tools are changing the way complex systems are developed.

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MetaMorph software tools empower analysts to leverage multi-domain engineering tools in an open source, unified tool chain.

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Our tools prepare your designs for rapid manufacturing and cost analysis.

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Recent Blog Posts

In the News: Project Ara

Below are links to recent coverage and talks on Project Ara:

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Gizmodo Article

Why the Military Is Pinning Its Hopes on Google's Modular Phone

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MetaMorph Presentation at NashMicro Today!

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Project Ara


The Modular Smartphone is coming!


Project Ara is Google's modular smartphone platform. Our tool chain, Metamorphosys will allow designers to create custom hardware to integrate with this revolutionary concept.

Adaptive Design

Evolve to changing requirements

MetaMorph tools maintain an adaptable model that can easily be changed as needed.


Unified Models

"Meta" models contain domain specific models to satisfy numerous analysis techniques.


Verify the performance

Virtual "Test Benches" can simulate real world performance before manufacturing.

Open Source

Extendable, customizable software tools

We are expanding our tools to succeed in multiple engineering settings.

  • Vehicle Design
  • Electronics
  • Mobile Technology
  • Cyber-Physical Systems