Build Your Own

Do you have an idea for a simple device that connects to the internet of things? Do you want to take a prototype design that you've created using various breakouts from SparkFun or AdaFruit and create a single-PCB product? However small or large your design may be, let us help you make your idea a reality.

With our "Build Your Own" initiative, we want to empower you to complete a successful design yourself using the full-featured MetaMorph Tools. Our tools allow you to begin designing a project, no matter your level of expertise, and start to building something right away. If you get stuck you can check out our Project Case Studies <or just include in gallery below> page to see different designs that we've built using our tools to give you some examples of both the capabilities and possible workflows of using the MetaMorph Tools.

<Design gallery with Photon Guitar Pedal, Photon Sleep Sense, SVC-350, Bhaskar's watch>

MetaMorph Tools Benefits

Flexible Design Process: The MetaMorph Web Tools has templates that allow for rapid development on a number popular platforms such as Arduino Due or Particle Photon, so you can begin developing hardware on platforms that you are already familiar with. It is also easy to make and incorporate changes into a design at any stage in the design process, so you can change out a part of the design or even the platform quickly without having to redo any of your other work.

Trade Space Studies: You can easily test your design with a number of different configurations to optimize cost and performance. This can guarantee that you are choosing the best parts for the specific needs of your design and reduce the total of your design by up to 30%.

Validation and Reliability: With a robust array of Test Benches you can run simulations to increase certainty or product performance and drastically speed up development time. Our close relationship with MacroFab allows for designs to be accurately and quickly manufactured. (Read below for the benefits of using MacroFab as your PCB Printing Service.)

High Responsiveness: If you encounter a problem using our tools, we are just an email away and always strive to respond to any issues that you may be having within 24 hrs.

Open-source Tool Suite: Because the MetaMorph Tools are open-source and only rely upon other free software tools, you get to use these powerful design and development tools entirely free of charge.

Macrofab Partnership

When you manufacture a MetaMorph design with MacroFab, you will not only be ensuring a quick turn around, but you will be able to realized notable savings on your manufacturing costs. The MetaMorph Tools integrate the design rules and requirements used by MacroFab to ensure successful designs. Our Cost Estimation can accurately project the total manufacture cost of sending a design to MacroFab, and if you choose to preference "in house" MacroFab parts, you will always be ordering the most cost-effective components from design to manufacture!