Dr. Ted Bapty , Founder & Chairman of the Board

Dr. Ted Bapty, Founder & Chairman of the Board

  Dr. Sandeep Neema , Founder & Board Member

Dr. Sandeep Neema, Founder & Board Member

  Dr. Janos Sztipanovits,  Founder & Board Member

Dr. Janos Sztipanovits, Founder & Board Member

  Dr. Mari Maeda , Board Member

Dr. Mari Maeda, Board Member

  Dr. Jason Scott,   Founder & Chief Executive   Officer

Dr. Jason Scott, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  Adam Nagel,   Chief Technical Officer

Adam Nagel, Chief Technical Officer

  Dr. Peter Volgyesi , Senior Engineer

Dr. Peter Volgyesi, Senior Engineer

  Kevin Smyth , Senior software engineer

Kevin Smyth, Senior software engineer

  Jonathon Williams , Software Engineer

Jonathon Williams, Software Engineer

  Timothy Thomas , Digital Design/Software Engineer

Timothy Thomas, Digital Design/Software Engineer

  Nina dintzis , administrative Coordinator

Nina dintzis, administrative Coordinator

  Joseph Coombe , Junior Engineer

Joseph Coombe, Junior Engineer