Company Founding

MetaMorph was founded in 2013 by Vanderbilt University researchers to extend and transition research tools developed as part of the DARPA AVM META program. Our company is the mechanism to bridge the gap from promising research to commercially robust technology. To tackle this challenge we've assembled a diverse team with deep roots in model-based systems engineering, software development, formal verification, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and lifelong entrepreneurs.  In only a short time, our team has grown from a few part-timers to a full-fledged research and development shop.

Our founding was sparked by a solicitation from Google’s advanced technology and products team to adapt our tools to support Project Ara, and IoT design in general.  

Our core business revolves around providing model-based engineering solutions to solve some of the most challenging industrial design issues, frequently leveraging our OpenMETA framework, an open-source, multi-domain engineering design tool developed for the design and simulation of complex systems, as developed under the DARPA AVM META program.  We do not aim to replace the host of specialized tools that engineers rely on. Rather, our tool leverages the the power of the best-of-class commercial and open source options to integrate numerous design tools in one place.

At MetaMorph, we thrive on hard problems and new, promising technologies. We challenge ourselves to employ the most effective development practices and tools.  


To advance the practice of multi-domain model-based design tools for complex systems, via close interactions with industry partners to understand their needs and provide innovative solutions.