Robotics engineers wear many hats: mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, software engineer, programmer, mathematician, etc. In addition, Robotics is a broad multi-disciplinary field: locomotion, manipulation, sensing, navigation, autonomy, etc.

At MetaMorph, we have applied a multi-domain modeling approaches to tough robotics challenges in order to help manage this complexity and allow the domain expert to focus on his specialty by leveraging off-the-shelf solutions. Multi-domain modeling can streamline the design process, from composition to variation to run-time deployment, and can be used to reveal trade-offs between different physical and behavioral options/settings.

We've worked with:


  • HEBI Robotics

We have experience with:

  • Integrated Tools: Parametric CAD

  • Design Space Parametric/Discrete Exploration, Optimization

  • Robot Operating System (ROS)

  • Gazebo Robot Simulator