MetaMorphosys: Tools for Electronic Design

The MetaMorph Tools are designed to make the creation of electronic circuits as accessible as the creation of software apps.

The MetaMorph Tools are built on top of our OpenMETA framework. Its component and circuit library, platform templates, and analysis tools help electronics designers build prototypes more quickly.

Our component and circuit libraries, along with platform templates, help you get up-and-running quickly, and our design space tools help you quickly evaluate more design possibilities.

Metamorphosys Advantages


Useful Abstractions

Work above pin-level design. MetaMorph components feature connector abstractions that get you working at a conceptual level.

PCB Generation

Our Place and Route tool creates a PCB layout based on your circuit and component selections. Our generated PCBs are compatible with CADSoft's EAGLE circuit design software.

Rich Content Library

Our large library of ready-made circuits and components helps you get up-and-running faster.

Virtual Prototyping

Integrated SPICE simulator, cost estimation, and digital behavioral simulation tools help you evaluate your design before building your first physical prototype.

Collaborative Editing

The MetaMorph Web Tools are designed for cooperation. Share projects with collaborators and work on the same design simultaneously. Each collaborator has access to the project's full analysis history.

Consider Design Variations

Describe variations on the design of a subsystem, and run an analysis on the entire space of possibilities as easily as you can on a single design variation.

Take Them For a Spin


The MetaMorph tools come in two versions. The MetaMorph Web Tools are designed for collaboration and have a simplified, intuitive interface. The MetaMorph Desktop Tools have more advanced features that haven't yet been implemented in the Web Tools.


Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.26.33 AM.png

Windows Desktop Tools








The Windows tools will allow you to get started on a design that you can work off of throughout our development progress. If you have a PC, you can install the tools, get your components or request new ones get made, and prepare the design to be sent off to a manufacturer. This design will also be able to be imported into the Web version of our tools.

1. Install & Learn Tools


Design Case Studies

To get familiar with the desktop tools, you may find it useful to read through some of our design case studies. In each of these studies we documented the use of the tools in the context of a real-life design. They include a narrative of the design process, various workflows and walkthroughs, design considerations, tips and tricks that we used as well as a download of the complete product design files to explore!