Digital Design/hardware simulation engineer

Our MetaMorphosys tools exist to support the design and production of hardware modules for Google’s Project Ara.  Our tools support the generation of schematic models, printed circuit boards, as well as analog and digital simulations of your design.  We are seeking someone familiar with designing digital circuits, and using software to simulate hardware and other technical areas related to the cross-section of software and hardware.  We are currently using SystemC for our simulations in this area. Experience with SystemC is great, but we understand the rarity of finding someone with this skill set.  

Skills you should have

  • Digital Design Experience

  • Familiarity with Digital Hardware simulation, especially SystemC

Extra Credit

  • Examples of things you've built

Hiring Process

  • We’d like to hire a person that is the right match for both the employee and employer. We will examine candidates from many perspectives. Code samples, tests, pilot contracts, and honest conversation may all be used to help us evaluate each other. Remote working isn’t  preferred, but is a possibility for people with direct experience in our area of need.

Salary & Benefits

Although working for a startup holds more risk than working for a consolidated mega-corp, we offer favorable salaries and complete benefits, including:

  • Blue Cross Health, Dental, Vision

  • 401K with Employer Match

  • Relocation Reimbursement

How to Apply

Please email your resume and cover letter to