A Healthy Heart After All

The Sleepsense Monitor with EKG Leads Connected.

The Sleepsense Monitor with EKG Leads Connected.

"My heart can't be beating that fast can it?" I ask Arul, not quite so sure of myself.

"You're going to have to take the rest of the day off it looks like," he responds jokingly.

That was the conversation we had last week as Arul and I worked out the kinks in the Photon code for SleepSense design that we were exploring.  At first the SleepSense was measuring my heartbeat around 130bpm as I sat casually at my desk. Thankfully, we shortly thereafter we were able to get the reading to a more accurate place, and I clocked in with a no-emergency-room-visit-necessary heartbeat of 75bpm.

A screenshot of the Processing.org app in action with streaming data from the SleepSense.

This design was completed by one of the summer interns and came back from our manufacturer MacroFab just a couple of weeks ago.  When we finally opened it, we seated a Particle Photon into the shield socket and started interacting with the onboard subcircuits.  With just a little bit of work we were able to get the three main circuits of the board running including an EKG circuit to record a heartbeat.

The Photon SleepSense is an example of a product that was created with the MetaMorph Tools from inception to finished product. Check out the full design case study for the SleepSense as well as a number of other designs in our Design Case Studies gallery.