Sip It: Nashville's Story as Told by the Goldberg Brothers

The Patterson House, Pinewood Social, Merchants, the Catbird Seat-- all names familiar with Nashville residents and visitors alike. These unique and popular venues all emerged from Strategic Hospitality, a restaurant group headed by brothers Ben and Max Goldberg. Yesterday, as part of the Tennesseans monthly program Sip It, I had the opportunity to hear the Goldberg brothers perspective on Nashville's growth, how they found success, and what advice they had for fellow entrepreneurs.

The most interesting take away I found was the passion for their projects. All their ventures have been risky-- whether it was a novel concept, a questionable area of town, or a dedication to providing jobs, each venue was considered a "risk". One audience member asked the brothers that given this inherent risk, what was their Plan B? Their answer, I believe, reflects the reason why Strategic Hospitality is so successful-- they have no backup plan. They believe so strongly that their ideas will succeed and focus all their efforts into each venture that there is no room for failure. I think that's an idea all entrepreneurs and startups, including MetaMorph, can take to heart and use to find their own success.

Overall, the Sip It series has been a really great source of inspiration. It's refreshing to interact with other entrepreneurial-minded people in various fields and hear the success stories of Nashville's leaders. 

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