Metro Students Present Design at Nashville Library

This past semester MetaMorph worked with two Nashville Metro high school students, Samuel Rafter and Arturas Malinauskas, through a program operated by the School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt. They used the Metamorphosys Desktop tools to design a proximity sensor. When the sensor detected an object, a bunch of red LED's and a buzzer would turn on.

After weeks of working on their project, they presented their work to an audience at Nashville Public Library's Studio space. The Studio is a cool new maker and hacker space for teens to design and build cool stuff.


Sam and Art showed the audience their design, and talked about their experience with designing hardware the traditional way versus using the Metamorphosys tools to do it.

After going through the design process with our tools, they made some video tutorials for other people to use. The videos will be available on our site in the next couple weeks. Checkout a short video on component authoring in the desktop tools below:

It was great working with the Samuel, Arturas, and Vanderbilt's Stephanie Weeden-Wright these past few months. It will be exciting to see how the Metamorphosys tools can be used to teach students how to design and build hardware devices.

Brandon, Arturas, Samuel, and Stephanie

Brandon, Arturas, Samuel, and Stephanie