Coulomb Story, Bro

By: Zack Bapty

Much like last week, I have been working on getting some subcircuits ready for web GME. Time for an update on my current status. You may not see quite as much of a battery of electricity jokes, as I sort of ran them into the ground in last week's blog post. No longer can I take the path of least resistance. This time I will be direct and to the point.

As you can see, the subcircuits are just about ready to be published. Also obvious is  the fact that one subcircuit, the Energy Harvester, has four different versions. The difference is that each version is hooked up a bit differently and configured for a different input voltage.

Each configuration had to be individually pre-routed in Eagle, which is always fun. This week, I also made a component, the Coulomb Counter (which is didn't realize I was spelling wrong for 90% of the process).

The process was almost exactly similar to what I did last week, except this time I managed to make the component functional and aesthetically pleasing, even including an icon.