MetaMorph Attends SolidCon '15


Our team headed out to San Francisco to attend SolidCon and learn about some cool projects in hardware, software and the Internet of Things.

Adding New Platforms

We met couple of companies that inspired our next template platforms in our Web Tools. We added Particle's Photon WiFi device, and an Electric Imp reference design. Both designs provide a starting point for users. Then, by using an assortment of subcircuits, you can create new modular devices quickly and easily that connect to the internet.


Particle is a cool company that has a device called the Photon. A bunch of these were handed out at the conference and we've added it as a starting project for our users. We previously had Arduino and Bluetooth platforms, but now the Photon platform gives users a device that easily connects to the cloud and has a microcontroller for programming your firmware.

Electric Imp

We made another similar device provided by Electric Imp. They have several hardware reference designs and we chose the Nora design. It's a board powered by two AA lithium batteries. We removed the subcircuits from the design so users can choose their own.

If you have a device that you'd like to add to our template library, email us at