Ammar's Farewell

By: Ammar Abdelwahed

Well I suppose this summer had to end sometime, which is a shame because it was one roller coaster of a ride. Sure it had some ups and downs, but nonetheless it turned out pretty solid. From getting locked out of the office to plundering the snack cabinet, I cannot put into words the amount that I have learned during this internship. I will never view circuits the same again. One thing I would have definitely liked to see happen or learn is how to solder down the boards together and all that fun stuff, but either way it was a pretty solid experience. Probably, once of my biggest challenges here was getting used to the work flow and making sure that every single tiny detail was accounted for. Not going to lie, at first I was struggling big time and was blaming pretty much everyone except myself for my struggles. But eventually I emerged from the cocoon that was boyhood Ammar in to the man I am today. 

Hands down my most favorite moment working here is when Molly, our Program Coordinator, restocked the snack shelf rendering me completely and utterly disabled. I honestly might have gained like 5 lbs. purely on the snacks here, specifically the dark chocolate covered espresso beans. My favorite subcircuit of the summer was probably the Oximeter, simply because of its elegance and its complexity (and its frustration). 

Now that I have learned all that fun stuff, I will most likely be continuing in my major as an Electrical Engineer. I actually know what it looks like to make this kind of stuff. This Fall I will be returning to good ole' Knox (ville) where I belong, and maybe just maybe, I will return to MetaMorph to finish the job that was once started.