Sydney's Final Post

By: Sydney Bailes

Coming into this internship I wasn't really sure what to expect. I had a basic understanding of what was being done at MetaMorph, but I wasn't quite sure where us interns would fit in. The only thing I knew for sure is that it would be different from my previous internship experiences, which it most definitely was.

This summer we learned a lot about using the META Tools and the basics of what subcircuits are and what they can do, which overall was a great experience. However, there was a bit of a learning curve with GME and especially with Eagle. Although I had some experience with GME from a few years ago, the work we did this summer was much different. For the most part it just took patience and practice, but there were definitely a lot of struggles. Probably my least favorite project came towards the beginning of the summer when I had to make the heart rate monitor. It was the first really large subcircuit I had to make from scratch, and when I first saw everything, it was very intimidating. It definitely took patience and persistence. However, it did help me get adjusted to using tools and gave me a better understanding of subcircuits in general. After that everything became a lot easier. Well, maybe not a lot easier, but there was definitely a change. I would even dare to say I was starting to get pretty good. One of my favorite things I worked on while I was here were the designs that brought together multiple subcircuits. Even though I wasn't here to come up with my own idea, I still enjoyed being able to bring in the multiple subcircuits and see how they all fit and work together.

Despite the challenges I faced, there were definitely a lot of great moments that made my time here worth it. Anytime anything worked was always exciting, especially after nothing else does. And lunches with the other interns were always great, especially when we actually talked to each other instead of just staring at our phones the whole time. And of course I took every opportunity to take advantage of the snacks. I particularly enjoyed the granola bars from Trader Joe's.

I had a lot of fun and learned a lot, but naturally I wish we could have done more. I would have loved to learn more about what happens after the tools. Being able to physically see and test some of the subcircuits we built and trying some coding would have been a great experience. Unfortunately time was not on our side in that regard. I also wished I could have attended at least one yoga class. Week after week it kept getting rescheduled, but I guess some things are just beyond our control.

Regardless of what I wish I could have done, I am very happy with what I, and my fellow interns, were able to accomplish, and I hope the team at MetaMorph feels the same.

This fall I will be starting my freshman year at George Washington University in Washington D.C., which I am extremely excited about. I absolutely love the city and can't wait to be able to explore it with the freedom everyone says comes with being in college. Of course I will always look forward to coming back to Nashville.