Zack's Final Blog Post

By: Zack Bapty

Going into this internship, I expected that I would just be testing some software, so that other people could make stuff. I ended up making new subcircuits and my own design that is ready for manufacture on multiple platforms. I have learned a lot from this opportunity, such as patience, perseverance, and not to make unnecessary assumptions. I didn't learn and awful lot about how the circuits actually work/operate, but I was still able to model and integrate them into a design with my limited knowledge. I really enjoyed making my cross-platform design for a sensor that takes metrics on sleep, such as heart rate, temperature, humidity, breathing, and even eye movement (to track REM sleep), for which I had to make a specially designed subcircuit. My least favorite subcircuit was actually my first try at an EOG (electrooculograph). I looked around on the internet, and the best attempt at an EOG design I found was very complicated, inconsistent, and not even fully correct DIY schematic that would have require two 9-volt batteries to be powered. After pretty much finishing it, I realized that I could make a better, single supply, 3.3 volt EOG using a chip already modeled and the Analog Devices design filter tool (pictured below).

In a fraction of time I made a better revision of the EOG subcircuit with much less struggle. The design also ended up costing less, since it did not require a massive amount of operational amplifiers. I've really enjoyed the experience of working at MetaMorph this summer. I feel like I will definitely be going into college with extra knowledge that should benefit me during my classes. I also enjoyed the snack room. It has a multitude of caffeine infused products, my favorite being chocolate covered espresso beans. One particularly sleep deprived morning, I made coffee, only to notice the lack of sweeteners afterwards. So, being the engineer that I am, I grabbed a Coca Cola. When combined, the two were surprisingly not terrible. That said, I will now stick to the chocolate covered espresso beans for mass amounts of caffeine. This fall, I will be attending Southern Illinois University Carbondale and dual majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering.